Which Java Application Server mostly suited for Railo?

If you want to build a large Railo based SAAS application and your preferred server environment is Windows and preferred web server is Apache,  which Java Application Server you will prefer and Why? Most popular amoung the list are Resin, Tomcat and JBoss.

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  • Todd Rafferty

    JBoss is built on Tomcat. Resin has a 1-CPU limitation unless you pay for the professional version. I personally run Tomcat on my box, but I’m very familiar with setting up Resin as well. Resin has a lot of nice features I wish the other ones had (being able to do regex wildcard domains is excellent).

  • Matt Woodward

    The one most suited is the one that fits your needs the best in general. You can run OpenBD and Railo on any JEE server or servlet container equally well, so one isn’t really more suited that another except in terms of how it fits your other needs.

    In my own experience most people do well with Tomcat or Jetty, and in my opinion Tomcat has by far the best documentation available and the biggest community around it, so you’re never at a loss to find a solution for problems you may run into.

    If you need a full JEE server, you can pick your poison: JBoss, Glassfish, what have you.

    The good news is that you’re free to choose, and the free CFML engines will run equally well anywhere.

  • shimju

    Thanks Todd and Matt for your valid comments. From your comments and from my conversation with Mark Drew I feel the one suits more to our need is Tomcat as Resin (Open Source Edition) has a 1-CPU limitation.

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