Built For Strength, Renowned for Results

Our Vision

Be the world’s best custom web and mobile application development company.

Our Mission

Provide our clients with reliable, superior software and website at a cost-effective price while making the development process an enjoyable experience for clients as well as employees.

Founded in 2002

About Emax software

Based in beautiful southern state of India – Kerala, Emax Software offers custom application development services from mobile and web apps to enterprise back-ends and product ecosystems. We maintain a roster of exceptionally talented developers, architects, designers, UX engineers and QA specialists within our software development centre in India. Whether you need us to take care of a project end-to-end, collaborate with your existing team, or need help staffing qualified IT professionals – we’ve got you covered.

Emax Software has delivered hundreds of successful customer engagements over more than a decade. During our time as a custom application development company we have seen it all, from short schedules, in-flux requirements, multiple stakeholders – we’ve made it work over and over by listening and delivering. When it needs to be right the first time, on-time and on-budget, you want the experience Emax brings.

Why Emax Software ?

We understand that you have many offshore development companies to choose from.
In general, most ones follow similar processes and workflows. What makes us so different? We believe it’s our values. Do they resonate with you?

The 6 core values of Emax Software

1. Proactive

We actively seek opportunities to improve our client’s products, our processes, and our abilities.

2. Dependable

We are invested in our work. We manage expectations. We support our clients and teammates. We hold ourselves, our teammates, and our clients accountable.

3. Versatile

We readily adapt to change and encourage innovation because our team and work are transparent and flexible.

4. Collaborative

Open dialogue produces more reasoned and intelligent decisions.

5. Delightful

We choose to set a mindful, positive tone that allows everyone to flourish.

6. Affordable

We offer solutions at a significantly 45-55% reduced price than the rate in US, Canada, UK and Europe.

Pricing Models

Emax Software understands that pricing plays a key role when deciding on your service providers.

1. Time & Material

When the scope of work is not predetermined and there is no time estimation to complete the task, Time and Material Pricing Models is an apt choice. This model allows you to pay for the number of hours for which the work is done and the amount of work accomplished.

2. Fixed Price

Reap maximum rewards with Emax’s Fixed Price Model that enables you to define projects with dynamic plan, priorities and execution.
With our best R&D team we address your business’s varied needs across diverse industries and verticals.

3. Risk Reward

Emax Software strives continuously to give our global clientele maximum results at affordable costs. Keeping that in mind, we also practice Risk-Reward Pricing Model which acts as a settlement between two extreme pricing models.This flexible pricing approach enables both, the customer and the service provider with mutual risks and benefits of a particular project.
Risk Reward Pricing Model has a flat rate pricing structure where additional payments depend on specified end results. This new strategy in the market is usually implemented where the clients and the service providers mutually fund the development of any product or service. A recent favorite among the customers and service providers alike, this new pricing model helps both the parties to share the rewards. Risk Reward Pricing Model allows the customers to supervise a project unitedly as a joint venture. This also makes the relationship with our clients stronger with a lasting impact.


Emax Software
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