Ionic Mobile App Development Services.

We Build Exceptional iPhone & iPad Apps, Android Apps and Windows Phone Apps.

Experts in Ionic Framework, Angular, Capacitor, Apache Cordova and Electron


Now build your native mobile apps for iOS and Android using Ionic Framework 4.0  and Angular 6.0. 

With Ionic, Angular and Capacitor/ Apache Cordova,  Emax Software can take your mobile application from concept to market and provide you with support for data services, app tracking and more.

Ionic 4 is a powerful, beautiful and easy to use open source front-end framework for developing hybrid (cross platform) mobile apps development.
Built for enabling world-class user experiences, Ionic 4 is the only performance centric framework that enables developers to build fast and impressive apps that work on iOS, Android and Windows.

Emax Software’s team of Ionic Framework developers are capable of catering to customized project requirements and are confident of catering all these and more such services to ensure complete client satisfaction. Through our services clients get an opportunity to use high end mobile devices which help them become more powerful.

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Service Offerings

App Strategy

First we understand your core business and your customers. From there we work to develop a sound strategy, the key factor to any successful project.

App Design

We believe design is more than just making things pretty. We value usability in our products which results in intuitive, beautiful, and unique mobile interfaces.

App Development

We believe in crafting code, not just writing it. Whether your product is iOS or Android or Windows, we produce high-quality, native app that is built to perform.





Mobile Web





Mobile is changing how we conduct business. Our enterprise solutions empower sales teams, streamline workflows, and simplify how information is accessed.


We build mobile solutions that’ll strengthen relationships with your consumers. Turn to us for new product development & product extensions to mobile.



  • 1.Discover

    We kick off the project with a discovery meeting to understand your goals. We will explore your needs of functionality, market positioning, competitive analysis, relative to the current trends and define scope.

  • 2.Brainstorm

    Our team will brainstorm and analyze the project needs to realize your vision on white board through ideation, mind maps and creative strategies to ensure the App success among your users.

  • 3.Research

    We will conduct primary and secondary research to identify and analyze the competition, the receptiveness of market for such Apps as well as the business case analysis and ROI Analysis.

  • 4.Create App Strategy

    We deliver a strategy that details out the designs, screen shots; data models; go-to-market strategies; business case; including requirements specifications, resource allocation and project schedules.


  • 1.User Experience

    Our talented artists and designers will develop various creative directions for your custom app that align the product goals with business objectives. We believe in constant feedback loop with our clients and enhance the look and feel of user experience.

  • 2.Brand Development

    Based on the inputs from the Strategy process our Creative directors understand the client’s vision, goals, core values, target audience, core strengths, Competition and Brand promise to put together a design brief as well as brand guidelines.

  • 3.User Interface Design

    Our UI designers will create the UI Designs based on the design brief and wireframes. The creative options are presented to the client and improve the art work with the continuous feedback mechanism thereby baselining the creative direction and finalize the UI design.

  • 4.Technical Architecture Design

    While UI design is being established, our Software Architects, will create a high level and low level technical architecture of the software system to enable the Development teams create the application software.


  • 1.Multi-Platform Development

    Using the industry standard software development methodologies such as Agile, Iterative and Waterfall models, our developers build the applications that are compliant on multi-platform. Our Solution architects and Developers collaborate to produce flawless engineering product with a passion for technological innovation.

  • 2.Quality Assurance

    Our QA team ensures that the App is developed as per the functional requirements. Our testing team also tests the product from usability point of view as well as Performance perspective to ensure scalable apps are built on multi-platforms. We adopt the latest practices in quality assurance and execute the automated scripts for the regression tests.

  • 3.Deployment, App Submission & Support

    Once developed and accepted by client, we launch the App on the respective platforms. We ensure the scheduled updates and maintenance so that your app is continuously delivering value to the users. We maintain compatibility with the changing technological landscape such as OS upgrades etc.

  • 4.App Marketing

    We can get your app directly into the hands of your target audience with the opportunity for it to drive maximum downloads. With appropriate promotional tactics and innovative pre-launch, launch and post-launch marketing strategies, your custom mobile app will be sitting high on marketplace charts and will be constantly appreciated in reviews.


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