ColdFusion 9 Flash Remoting V/S Zend AMF in Zend Framework 1.10;

Yesterday I came across the post of and after going through it a quick question came to my mind-  Have anyone compared the performance between ColdFusion 9 Flash Remoting with Zend AMF comes with Zend Framework 1.10 ? Are they equal? Or is the  Zend AMF comes near to CF9’s Flash Remoting capabaility?

Anyone who knows the answer can please comment to this blog entry.

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  • John barrett

    I would be interest in seeing this, as I have hear so many things about Zend AMF, and it appears to me that Zend AMF has replaced AMFphp, but they are re grouping that project. I am not a php guy at all, I only use ColdFusion.

    I have seen the benchmarks between remoting vs httpservice, but never on between the difference options available for use in remoting between the different serverside languages. if you hear of any tests, let me know!

  • jenry

    Yes I want to know too…
    At really I think it would be great a good comparison between the differents options available:
    Flash Remoting + CF
    Zend AMF

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