The most needed tutorial of Railo now is:

Now Railo started heating up again among ColdFusion Community and Iam sure it will become more hot once the production version of 3.1 launches with full BlazeDS Support (hoping soon:)

CF developers like us are very keen in trying out Railo and few of them already tried, but an issue here I felt is most of our folks are from Windows platform and few of them on Mac and I guess very few are on Linux . Though Railo supports all these platforms seamlessly, it will be really worth (specially in this tight economy condition 🙂 ) if we deploy it on Linux OS- > Thereby we can say “Jai Ho” to Open source.

Now I will stop beating around the bush- Can anybody in our community help folks like us who are on Windows platform write a massive tutorial (should be written from a windows user perspective) about setting up a Railo powered VPS Server- such as connecting from Windows machine to Linux VPS using SSH, Installing web server (Apache), Java Application Server, Railo, MYSQL, FTP Server, Mail Server, Setting up websites etc This will be really really helpful. Railo Folks are you listening me 🙂

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  • James Alter

    WOW, Iam looking for something like this now… Situation is so tight 🙂

  • Peter A

    Here here! I’d love to see this type of tutorial! I’d love to run Railo on my Windoze server and connect to another windoze box running SQL 2005. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    I’m not afraid of Apache or Tomcat, just need a little direction.

  • Brian FitzGerald

    While I think you may be hard pressed to get someone to cover all that stuff (ftp, mail server, setting up Web sites, etc.), I am personally also on the look out for a good tutorial on setting up Railo w/ a compatible Java Application Server along with Apache on Windows.

    I would certainly find that very valuable as well.

  • Bradley Moore

    I made the switch to a Linux VPS in January. Cutting my hosting costs to a third of Windows/CF8 hosting. You also remove the whole shared hosting security hole. =) //Do not use the application scope to store anything on a shared host. It is not secure, but that’s another topic.

    I made the switch in January to a Linux VPS and Railo and struggled my way through the process. I had not really touched Linux systems previously, so there was a lot to learn ( mostly BASH commands ). There are some tutorials, but I agree there needs to be some tutorials oriented for the complete Linux newbie ( I still consider myself to be one ).

    I was able to have Apache preinstalled on my VPS plan, but otherwise the process was not so bad.

    If I find some time, I think I will write something up over the weekend.

  • Bob

    Have you checked out the Installation Guides listed here:

  • Andrew Penhorwood

    I have a guide written that walks you through installing Linux, SSH, MySQL, Apache and the Resin / Railo combo. But the guide is for a server install not a VPS. Might work but have not tried it. The other issue is we are in the middle of changing our name from Kaleo Consutling, LLC to ColdBits, LLC. So I was waiting to the new site was up before posting anything.

  • Dan Vega

    I have done all of this for my personal blog which is now on my own vps running (Win+Apache+Railo+Tomcat+MySQL). If there is more interest in It I will come up with some stuff. I also have some good stuff on URLRewrite.

  • Mike Benner

    As you are aware, I have written a huge portion of this at my site starting here and it wouldn’t be that hard to convert to doing it from a Windows point of view (just means installing PuTTY or similar). Let me finish with the next few posts (FTP, Mail, Coldbox) and I will add a post on using PuTTY and any other changes from the Windows point of view.

  • shimju

    Thanks Mike!

  • simianenterprises

    I’m in the process of setting up a new production Windows 2008 server (web edition), with FTP, MailEnable, Bind DNS, MySQL, Railo 3.1 and a partridge with pear tree(optional).

    As soon as I’ve ironed out a few glitches, I’ll be writing a detailed blog post explaining every step. Hopefully, that’ll be what you’re looking for.

  • shimju

    @simianenterprises, Thanks a lot.

  • Tutorial Men

    Thanks for tutorial, 1 exemple is more than 1000 words

  • Purnendu

    Hi I am installing railo on VPS does any one has a process to follow .Request to please share and let me know.

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