Reaction of a long time PHP, Java developer about ColdFusion / Railo

Last week I had a discussion with a European client regarding a Flex project with PHP as backend. After gone through the functional specification and finally discussing the project in detail I pointed him about Railo – idea of using Railo, instead of PHP. After my evangelism he still was not fully convinced with CF as he is a long time Java and PHP programmer himself. But he promised me that he will install Railo and try it on weekend.
Yesterday I received his email. It is pasted below.
“Hi Shimju,
may say that u open my eyes on a technology I ignored for too long.
I’m really happy with railo and coldfusion. CF programming paradigm is
fantastic and railo works like a charm – Everything it’s so easy and simple.
I was quite scared about the pdf write function (the one with charts
inside). I seemed to me too complex and now with CF (railo) in 3 minutes
I developed one myself, incredible.
Even the server environment it’s easy to setup with debian apache +
mod_jk + tomcat.
Good! Definitively! “


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  • Ryan Stewart

    Haha, this is awesome. Thanks for sharing. We talk about that on the evangelism team a lot; people just need to be shown ColdFusion and from there it’s a pretty easy sale.


  • rad_g

    @Ryan: They gonna use railo.

  • Robert Rawlins

    This is great to see! And it is true, those PDF and Chart features are what sold me on CF when I first started looking at it, the ease with which you could create such rich features was something I’d not seen before.

    Glad to see the good word is being spread!


  • Gert Franz

    Well whether it is Adobe CF or Railo, I am glad they are using CFML at all. Congratulations to your evangelism. Thanks a lot for that as well.


  • Marcos Placona

    Awesome! I love to see this kind of reaction 🙂

  • Big Mad Kev

    I guess if he switched over to Adobe ColdFusion he would find his Flex Development would improve too Especially with CF 9 and the ColdFusion as a Service Feature.

    Great time are certainly ahead for all.

  • Paul Kukiel

    This is great to hear. I’m a huge fan of both ColdFusion and Railo with the recent additions to Railo and Flash remoting the decision is pretty easy. CFML and Flex are made for each other the interaction with java making it even more powerful. Once we get full Hibernate support in Railo 3.2 and ColdFusion 9 will will have even more reason to push CFML as a server side technology for Flex.

  • Jose Galdamez

    This is a great story! I’m glad to hear both Railo & CFML are picking up some new fans. The increased popularity of CFML can only help Adobe to push a better product in the future.

  • ComboFusion

    This was a short but great post!

    As you can see, I added it on my blog and made some comments myself.

    People sometime say to me: “CFML and it’s server is great? OK, you obviously don”t know RoR.” LOL And the story goes on and on and we never finish debating. 🙂 A neverending story.

    Anyways I definitelly salute your post!

  • Paul Klinkenberg

    Nice one! Hope to do some evangelism work this and next year as well in the Netherlands 🙂

  • flood

    Big thanks…)


    Thanks!) good site..

  • physiology

    RSS ne rabotaet..(

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