www.flexcart.net – Adobe Flex based Shopping Cart Solutions

Today I found a nice looking website www.flexcart.net while I was searching for a good Flex based shopping cart solution provider.

As per the website says “flexcart.net is a suite of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) that will dramatically improve the online shopping experience to deliver higher conversion rates and increased brand equity for retailers who need to differentiate themselves online. It solve the checkout abandonment issue that is currently plaguing the industry ”

Flexcart.net leverages Adobe’s widely-deployed Flex®, Flash® and ColdFusion® technologies to make the online shopping experience more dynamic, responsive, and intuitive.  They focus on one aspect of the online shopping cycle – from browsing the store to evaluating and comparing products to pageless checkout and order management.

Well they haven’t  launched it yet and if you are person like me who is interested in such a service, you can register with them and they will notify you when they go live.

  • ZACK

    Please dont write about cloud computing – and sub atomic stuff that cant be quantified or seen ….

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